Parcel Negotiation

Parcel negotiation doesn’t have to be difficult. Companies like yours are leveraging more than 300 years of carrier pricing experience from Transportation Impact to negotiate best-in-class agreements in a fraction of the time it typically takes them to do it on their own.

Even the most seasoned executive-level decision maker is surprised to learn how much money his company left on the table during its last parcel negotiation; and how quickly it can reduce those costs with Transportation Impact’s behind-the-scenes parcel negotiation model.

By educating key company stakeholders on understanding how and when to ask for market-appropriate rates, Transportation Impact’s unparalleled parcel negotiation strategy helps companies meet their cost reduction goals without jeopardizing valuable carrier relationships.

Learn how your company can save 15-25% in as little as 30 days and with just 3-4 hours invested.

A great parcel negotiation starts with a great game plan. Find out how much you can save today with a free rate analysis from Transportation Impact.

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Parcel negotiation process:

1. Rate Analysis

Before you determine whether partnering with Transportation Impact is right for your company, you’ll need to know how much money you can save, right? Getting started with a free parcel analysis will help us both understand your company’s small package DNA.

In 2-3 days, Transportation Impact will return with a percentage-based savings projection, guaranteed to a tenth of one percent, along with a preliminary outline of how the savings would be obtained if you decide to move forward with the parcel negotiation.

2. Strategic Development

The key to a successful parcel negotiation is preparation and strategic planning. Utilizing the information gleaned from your company’s rate analysis, Transportation Impact will meet with your personnel to discern your company’s current climate. With a better understanding of your business, our team will recommend a strategy for your review and advise your staff of the most effective approach.

The TI team has more than 300 years of relevant carrier experience, giving you the leverage you need for an effective parcel negotiation.

3. Contract Negotiation

Acting as an extension of your team, Transportation Impact will coach and counsel your company’s point person, providing strategic recommendations effectively position each step of the parcel negotiation process at the correct time.

A typical contract negotiation requires a time commitment of just 4-6 hours from a designated point person within your organization during a 6-8 week negotiation period. Throughout the process, all decisions are approved by your staff.

4. Measurement

Once your newly negotiated contract has been implemented with the carrier, Transportation Impact will provide a weekly invoice that contains a breakdown of carrier charges by service level.

This weekly “Report Card” will compare the discounts of your current agreement with those you were receiving prior to the parcel negotiation. The difference will give you a concrete measurement of the demonstrated savings on a per-week basis and will serve to provide insight into where the cost drivers lie within your parcel supply chain.

5. Carrier Compliance

For the duration of your newly negotiated agreement, Transportation Impact will ensure that your carrier is in compliance with the terms set forth in that agreement and that you are billed accurately and accordingly.

Each week, you will receive a breakdown of your charges that illustrates the bottom-line impact of the demonstrated savings Transportation Impact helped your company obtain.

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